10 Best Exercise Equipment for the Home
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10 Best Exercise Equipment for the Home

 Exercising at home is a really good alternative to gym training, a running session, or some other training type. A big advantage is, of course, that you save time training at home, but it can also be much cheaper to train at home, especially if you compare it with the cost of a membership in the gym.

Exercise alone is enough to train throughout your body and should form the basis of your home training. However, you can get some really good exercise equipment for your home training. The tools can make your training more fun, more varied and also facilitate and enable some exercises. In this text, we list 10 really good exercise equipment for the home.

1. Yogamatta

A yoga mat is your very best friend when you train at home and serves as a stable base for many physical exercises. It is possible to run directly on the floor, but your elbows and knees will thank you if you acquire a yoga mat. A yoga mat also gives you an excellent grip and reduces the risk of injuries during various physical exercises.

With it, you have access to online training with 900 videos in, among other things, yoga, pilates, relaxation, meditation, core training, and lots of other things that you need to become flexible, strong, and healthy. Everything from your own home!

2. Foam Roller

The best foam roller for back is a tool to soften muscles, improve mobility and prevent stiffness, pain, and injury. The tool is cylindrical and is available in many different sizes, colors, and hardnesses.

You use the foam roller by rolling on top of it; this leads to the muscle that is in focus being massaged and softened. It is recommended to start gently as an above person can experience quite sharp pain, the stiffer your muscles are, the more pain it will do. When you acquire your first foam roller, it is smart to buy a relatively soft model.

A yoga mat is also really good to have as a base when you perform your exercises with the foam roller as elbows and knees are often in contact with the floor. Foam rolling can hurt enough as it is, and anything that can make the experience easier is to recommend.

3. Massage ball

The idea of ​​a massage ball is just like with a foam roller to soften stiff muscles and thus make you more mobile and prevent pain. The advantage of a massage ball is that you can access muscles that can be difficult to access a foam roller. A massage ball also takes up less space in your home, it is easy to take on a trip, and the cost is not great. However, a massage ball (depending on hardness and size) can hurt more than a foam roller, and if you are above using tools like these, it is a tip to start with a foam roller first.

4. Kettlebell

This Russian training tool has become immensely popular in recent years and is now available in most gyms. With kettlebells, you can train your strength, endurance, and coordination, and you only need a single kettlebell, to begin with.

Be sure to purchase a kettlebell with a rubber or fabric cover and choose the right weight for you.

5. Jump rope

It is a classic tool for improving coordination and fitness, some love the tool while others do not like to jump rope at all. Whether skipping rope is a really good training tool and especially for the home, it takes up almost no space at all and does not cost much money either.

6. Chin bar

With a chin bar at home, you get the opportunity to do chin-ups and pull-ups, which are two really good exercises for building a strong upper body. There are several different models to choose from, both simple variants that you attach between the door frame and more lavish ones you usually attach to the wall. Remember to attach your chin bar properly to avoid accidents.

7. Fitness band

As they are also called, fitness bands or resistance bands are perfect for your home training and fulfill many functions.

  • Enables exercises that do not work with only the body.
  • Works as extra resistance during physical exercises.
  • Works as extra resistance when stretching.
  • Can stabilize you during difficult exercises.

In addition to the versatility of fitness bands, they also take up very little space, cost no large sums of money, and are available in several variants and resistors.

8. Handles for push-ups

Maybe you think that handles for push-ups are completely unnecessary and that push-ups are excellent to perform without any equipment at all? The latter is true but handles for push-ups have many advantages.

  • Protects your wrists as the angle becomes more gentle.
  • Enables a deeper push-up.
  • Simplifies physical exercises such as L-sit.

Push-ups are a really good exercise, and if handles for push-ups can make you get more out of the exercise, it can be worth acquiring a pair.

9. Dumbbells

A classic tool in strength training, a single set of dumbbells enables lots of exercises. Either you acquire a set of fixed dumbbells of a suitable weight or a set of dumbbells where it is possible to add weight plates according to the desired weight. It can be smart to get a pair of dumbbells with rubber protection to protect your floor. Alternatively, you can use a yoga mat as a base when you lay your dumbbells on the floor.

10. Activity clock

An activity watch is, of course, not only usable at home but wherever you are. Many activities watch come with built-in training programs that are often quite quick to run through, and no special equipment is required. It is very good when you want to run a fast workout at home but do not know how to set up the workout. Many models also have programs for relaxation and meditation, which may be much needed after a workout.


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