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5 Secrets of Creating a Unique Interior

You have probably noticed more than once that the interiors printed in glossy magazines are like works of art. And when you look at your house, do you have a desire to change something, improve it in order to bring it closer to your own perception of perfection? If yes, then we hasten to please you. Sometimes for this you do not need to start a large-scale repair, but take a closer look at what is missing. As you know, the truth is in the details.

Art de Vivre promotes the art of living beautifully by decorating new and updating existing interiors with unique carpets. Using our extensive experience and professionalism in home decoration, we make life in a luxurious and personal environment accessible to everyone. And, having accumulated quite a lot of experience and professionalism in decorating houses, we can safely share with you design tricks that allow you to transform any interior.

Secret number 1. Simulation of dynamics

Sometimes you really want to add dynamics and liven up the interior space. But often the layout is already ready and, moreover, the arrangement of the furniture is completely satisfactory. An excellent solution would be an asymmetrically placed decor and, again, an asymmetric carpet with bright spots. This will add movement and freshness to the interior. Even the classic layout of the living room with this solution will look lively and interesting.

Secret number 2. Air and space

Senseless corridors are becoming a thing of the past, and more and more often the kitchen, dining room, living room and even the hallway are combined into a single, open public area. This provides much needed air and space, but requires proper zoning. You can divide a large room into zones using carpets that will combine furniture and interior details into furniture groups. Thus, they will be perceived as a complete living or dining room. This zoning option is ideal, because it does not clutter up the public area of ​​the apartment with partitions and screens, but it gives a clear visual division of the space.

Secret number 3. Lounge area

Not everyone needs a large living room with a few sofas and armchairs when guests don’t come every week. But if you need to find a place to place them, a large and fluffy carpet with a long pile at such moments can successfully replace a sofa and an armchair – you just need to throw a few bright pillows on it and it turns into a full-fledged lounge area.

Secret number 4. Items with history

The use of vintage elements and accessories – objects with a history – is becoming more and more fashionable in modern interiors. With their help, it is quite easy to add individuality and originality to the interior. These can be paintings by artists from Montmartre, a console with slightly peeling paint, a Chinese vase or a shabby carpet with a “ruined” pattern.

Secret number 5. Game moments

A good sense of humor is as much a sign of intelligence as a sense of taste. In a good interior there is always a place for game moments. They can be good accents in any home. A bright carpet in the style of pop art, pillows with cartoon characters or a chandelier with a porcelain monkey hanging on it add spontaneity to the interior and certainly cheer up, which is especially important for residents of big cities.

There are many ways to create a unique interior. Whether sophisticated, cheerful, or perhaps restrained, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that your interior design reflects your perception of the world and your mood. This is not easy to achieve, but not impossible! Read about other designer secrets in our next articles.


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