Broken or Stuck Zip
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Broken or Stuck Zip? This Is How You Solve That Quickly

The zipper is an indispensable invention in clothes, bags, and many other utensils, but when such the zipper is broken or stuck, it can cause quite a bit of misery. How do you solve that as quickly as possible?

Broken or Stuck Zip

Stuck Zipper

you have probably experienced it; a stuck zipper that can no longer go up or down. Thankfully, this problem can be resolved in several ways. For example, you can rub the tip of a pencil about the zip. The graphite in pencil then acts as ash, a lubricant, so that the zipper should come off faster. No pencil at home? Additional products like a lip balm or a soap bar are also suitable as a lubricant.

Broken Zipper

Perhaps for a bit more annoying than a stuck zipper is a broken zip. For example, it can happen that the teeth or the zipper suddenly no longer connect or jump Open out of the blue. In this case, first, check that there is nothing between the teeth; often, this is a piece of fabric or a thread that you can then carefully remove from the zip. Is there nothing between the zip? Then the problem may love with the teeth themselves, sometimes one deviation so that the zipper can no longer close properly. But for a bit, in that case, you can easily solve it yourself by straightening the tooth again with pliers or tweezers.

Broken Zipper Slider

Is the problem not in the zipper itself but in the zipper slider (with which you open and close the zip)? For a bit, then you do not have to write off the entire zipper immediately. You can replace the zipper slider with a new one. This is done by removing the slider by cutting it off the zipper with pliers. after that, you can easily place a new zipper slider on the teeth or the zip. You can buy such a zipper slider, for example, at a sewing and craft store or the market.

Zipper Open

Another common problem with zippers is that they no longer stay neatly closed but fall during the day. This is often the case with older zippers. Sorry, this means the zipper is worn out, and the only real solution is to replace it. However, there are temporary solutions to this problem so that you do not have to walk around with an Open zipper in your pants. for example, you can well a key ring or a (hair) elastic through the zipper and then fasten it to a nearby button. In this way, the zipper remains temporarily closed.


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