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Grocery Bags Best in Test

Inspiring and healthy dinners that appeal to the whole family are experienced by many as difficult to make in everyday life. With a lunch bag, you get a reasonable distance on the road and can discover new flavors without spending a lot of time on everyday food planning. But the market for grocery bags has exploded, and it can be challenging to know who offers what – and how good they are. In this guide to the best lunch bag, we present options for several different people and needs.

How have we chosen the lunch bag?

To find the best grocery bag on the market right now, we have gone through a large number of tests and reviews conducted by both experts and individuals (forums, review sites, and blogs). By doing so, we have gained a good picture of the food bags on the market, both in theory and in practice. It gives a fair picture of how good the grocery bags are.

But as previously mentioned, it is essential to point out that choosing a grocery bag that is significantly better than everyone else is misleading as subjective opinion is part of the assessment. What kind of food you like differs from person to person and which delivery solution you think is most flexible and where in the country you live. However, there are some requirements that we and many others think an excellent lunch bag should live up to—more about this below.

What qualities does a lunch bag have the best in tests?

When we have selected which food bags deserve to be included in our food bag best in the test guide, we have looked at the following factors:

High-quality raw materials: The raw materials promised must be delivered and in good condition.

Smooth delivery: The company should have a flexible delivery solution of some kind. Extra good if they deliver to most places in the USA.

Supply:  A good selection is essential, and preferably, you should add goods or adapt to allergies.

Value for money: The price should be reasonable about what you get.

High scores in independent tests by customers and experts.

Good recipe: The recipes should be easy to follow, and the food should not take too long to prepare.

How are the food bags different?

At first glance, most grocery bags seem similar, and companies offer much the same things, but this is not the case. The differences are mainly clear in terms of delivery locations, supply, and how the recipes are laid out (most, in other words).

Upon delivery, it is common that you either get a set time or that it is thought that the food should be able to stand for a few hours outside the door or at another chosen place and still stay well. Some companies also offer that you pick up your grocery bag in a store.

The offer differs somewhat. Some have bags adapted to different types of special diets while others have bags focused on home cooking and traditional flavors; a few combine these.

The majority of grocery bags on the market come with simple recipes. You then get pedagogical instructions, and some offer ready-chopped vegetables and ready-made stews, sauces, and stir-fries, all depending on how fast you want to cook the food. The common denominator is that the dishes in a lunch bag are flexible, simple, and often quick to prepare.

Why lunch bag?

There are many good reasons to choose to have a lunch bag all week or only a couple of days a week (or maybe a snack bag, breakfast bag, or fruit bag?). With a grocery bag, you do not have to plan and purchase dinners yourself, which can provide several benefits, including these:

Save money: With a grocery bag, you only get what is needed for the meals, and you are not tempted to make lots of unnecessary small purchases.

Less food waste: You do not buy too much and use everything.

Flexible: You save time, do not have to think about what to eat or shop for it. The recipes are also usually flexible and well-planned.

Variety and inspiration: There is no shortage of frozen meatballs, fish sticks, and mashed potatoes, but variety is fun, and a lunch bag often provides exciting dishes, or varieties of dishes, that have not been tested before.

Time efficient:  Most grocery bags have recipes that can be prepared quickly (5-40 minutes). They are also easy to prepare, and even the most inexperienced chef can take on the task.

Grocery bags in test

Organic, vegetarian, cheap, exclusive, or adapted for a family with small children? No matter what you prefer, there is a lunch bag that fits. Below are the five food bags that all deserve the title food bag best in test, but for different reasons and different needs.

Middagsfrid – A large supplier with long experience

Middagsfrid has for over ten years delivered food bags around Sweden. They focus on fresh ingredients with the environment and nature in mind. Over the years, they have received several awards and have been widely praised for their concept. They have a large selection of varied and healthy dishes, and each lunch bag contains a large number of vegetables. Middagsfrid is thus also in our guide a lunch bag best in the test.

City Gross – Lunch bag at a low price

City Gross offers excellent variety, both in terms of grocery bags and the number of people you can buy food for. There are several bags adapted for families with children, several allergy-friendly bags, and some with a focus on weight loss and healthy living. In tests, it has been shown that City Gross provides the cheapest grocery bag. If you count per portion, it will be even cheaper if you choose the cheap bag. Some believe that City Gross is the best lunch bag for families with children.

Food comfort – Food bag for luxurious food quickly

Matkomfort delivers food bags with high-quality ingredients and recipes where simplicity and everyday luxury are the keywords. By default, it takes 15-30 minutes to prepare the food, and you get a little more advanced, more acceptable recipes with ready-made sauces, stir-fries, and stews that gild the food but can be challenging to make yourself. Also, much of the food is organic.

The seasons – Organic, vegan, and innovative

The seasonal food bags are full of exciting vegetables, organic goods, and innovative recipes. They have received high marks in several tests for the food often described as fresh, healthy, and easy to prepare. You get many vegetables and protein and a fair amount of carbohydrates, which other food bags are often criticized for. They are also one of the few companies on the market that offer a completely vegan bag.


Here above, five perfect food bags have been presented. We hope you have been able to find the best grocery bag for you, whether you have a large family, live alone, want luxurious inspiration, eat vegan, or need some form of special diet. Below is a summary of the companies that we believe deliver the best grocery bags right now.


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