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Let’s arrange a Party! Children’s birthday: templates, candybar

Perhaps one of the most important birthday with name is a festive stretch. This is the simplest and always the best technique for decorating any holiday; it emphasizes the essence and importance of the event. For public events, such as at school, it is convenient to use flags with a height of 26-28 cm, and this is the size of a standard A4 sheet. You can read more about greeting streamers or garlands, as they are also called, on this page.

We suggest that you make a curly stretch for the autumn holidays with your own hands and print templates of stretch letters to decorate a school class or school ruler for the holidays on September 1, Teacher’s Day, Golden Autumn, Harvest Festival. Set of letters made in the form of school bells Design: border of autumn leaves and red letters with gradient orange strokes. The design is perfect for decorating a classroom in a school or childcare center, etc. Just download the garland flag templates, print and cut, thread the ribbon through the flags.

Autumn style letters for September 1, autumn holidays how to collect?

Print 1 flag on an A4 sheet on paper with a density of 160 g / m3 optimally (200-250 g / m3). Optionally, you can reduce and print 2 flags on an A4 sheet. The size of the cut-out figured part is approximately 20 * 28.4 cm. After printing, you will need to punch holes in the upper part, 2 per letter, and thread the tape. Alternatively, you can glue the flags to the ribbon using a hot glue gun.

Letters are prepared in the autumn style to create streamers in Russian: garland on September 1 garland on September 1 First bell garland for a holiday Teacher’s Day garland for a holiday Hello, Golden Autumn garland for a holiday Harvest Day garland for a holiday Harvest holiday.

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