Opinions About The Minerva Max20M Sewing Machine
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Opinions About The Minerva Max20M Sewing Machine

The Minerva Max 20M sewing machine is a wise choice for beginners, benefiting from an affordable price compared to other models dedicated to the same experience level. Home users recommend it for retouching and even larger projects. It also resists seams on thick double materials, such as jeans or furniture covers.

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Opinions About The Minerva Max20M Sewing Machine

A positive element often mentioned is the mounting system for the upper coil, straightforward to understand and follow for those in the first actions of this kind. It is accompanied by a feminine and robust design, which maintains its position on the table without causing the material to slip or get caught in the needle. However, it weighs only 4.3 kg, being among the most accessible economic options.

It uses an average number of types of sewing, not forgetting the most important ones, namely the straight, reverse, zig-zag stitching of elastic materials, overcasting and hidden stitching, without missing the options for fixing the buttonhole and zipper, for which it also includes unique legs.

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And to keep these small accessories close, it has a detachable drawer, helpful in processing tubular textiles. For a home user, these options are sufficient, as shown by the reviews that permeate the Internet.

To make it easier to check the sewing stage, you also have LED lighting, so you will not change an ordinary light bulb that burns too often, as in the case of old models, among the accessories that are not missing from the package is a set of three universal needles, button cutter and cleaning brush, three spare spools, screwdriver and felt washer.

For quick measurement, the side also includes a small ruler built into the case for quick checks during sewing.

As a typology, it is an electromechanical model that uses the electric pedal, capable of a maximum of 800 stitches per minute, so it will not be found in small factories but only in tailoring enthusiasts’ homes speed being satisfactory for these.

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For durability, the mechanism is composed of metal parts, the exterior is made of plastic, as is usually the case with those household sewing machines.


  • This sewing machine model is appreciated for its affordable price for beginners.
  • It has an easy-to-understand handling system and does not weigh much.
  • It has a small variety of essential sewing types, both for practical and decorative purposes.
  • LED lighting is used to protect the eyes.
  • It proves robustness and a speed accessible to novices, considering the electromechanical typology.

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Difficulties faced by some buyers include breaking the thread during sewing and disturbing noise while working, other new owners having difficulty understanding the information presented in the user guide or changing the upper thread, aspects that the manufacturer would still have to work, according to reviews.


People looking for a simple device for retouching and small challenges in terms of sewing will be satisfied with the purchase of this model, at a reasonable price, which has the essential functions generally needed, and whose options and type of operation can be quickly learned, even by a beginner.

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