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Secrets of a Successful Interior Design: 6 Steps to a Dream Apartment

The Secrets of Successful Interior Design is a list of things to consider in order to have a comfortable and functional living space. The best option is to contact an  interior design studio . Professionals will help you decide on the style, prepare all the necessary drawings, documentation and permits, and show 3D visualization of the result before implementation.

Designers know exactly the stages and conditions for creating an impeccable design, and work them out at the design stage. What are these secrets? Learn from the professionals at Home Interiors what you need to do to get the perfect result!

#1. Develop a concept

To think over and implement a design project for an apartment is a long and difficult business. You should start by developing a concept. You need to find an idea that can pass through the whole interior with a “red ribbon”, making it complete and complete.

For example, you are impressed by natural materials, simplicity and harmony with nature. At the same time, you want a modern and effective look. In this case, you can take the hunter’s house as a basis, supplementing it with modern accessories and details – a large smart TV, fashionable blinds, an unusual chandelier. As a result, we get a creative design in an eclectic style.

If you are not sure that you can create the right concept and bring the idea to life, it is better to turn to an experienced designer right away. But first, read about  how to choose an interior designer  in Kiev.

#2. Choose a style based on your preferences and current trends

Most often, designers prefer to mix several directions, resulting in fusion, eclecticism, or kitsch. Any of the above styles will perfectly fit into modern realities, you just need to correctly develop a design project.

Important! One of the secrets of successful design is the ability to choose not only fashionable, but also comfortable interior for a particular family or person. This may seem like a simple task, but in reality everything is much more problematic. How to choose a style that reflects the taste of the home owners? How relevant is it? And, most importantly, how to correctly decorate a room in this style? Literacy and taste will play a decisive role in creating a beautiful interior.

#3. Use a variety of textures

An abundance of colors in interior design is not always a good idea. It is much better to give preference to any one color and apply it in different shades. But many different textures will make any interior more interesting. The natural texture of wood on the floor, the roughness of the brick on one of the walls, the glossiness of the table or lamps, pleasant to the eye, a knitted blanket, etc.

#4. Complement the interior design with fashionable colors

It’s no secret that classic colors (white, black, red) are always in fashion, so they can be safely used in the interior of an apartment. And if you want something as trendy as possible, you can opt for graphite or live coral (color of 2019). The first option will add sophistication and depth to any room, and the second will add brightness and cheer up.

Important nuances! The real secret of successful bedroom design is choosing the right shades. They should not only please the eye, but also contribute to relaxation, cause a feeling of comfort. A combination of beige and brown is perfect. It is also pleasant to fall asleep in a sky blue or pale green bedroom. But the important secret of successful kitchen design is the choice of colors that cause appetite – such as red, yellow, green.

#5. Add creative

The secret to successful interior design is uniqueness. He must be different from others and have a special atmosphere. But if you are not a fan of extravagant interiors, then try to fit original furniture into your home. This could be a coffee table with creative legs or some unusual floor lamps. And so that the selected element is combined with the rest of the room, it will be appropriate to appropriately decorate one of the walls or add a suitable partition.

# 6. Don’t skimp on materials

Expensive products are in many ways superior to budget alternatives. Firstly, natural materials are very popular, so anyone who wants to create a truly trendy interior design should take a closer look at them. Secondly, high-quality materials are more durable, which means that the repair will have its original appearance longer.

General tips and tricks

  • The secret of quality is in the details. So, when developing an interior project, designers take into account the beauty and functionality of every little thing – right down to the shapes of door handles and colors of switches. Therefore, in addition to the main tasks that need to be solved when creating the design of an apartment, you need to take into account important little things. So, for a successful interior design you need:
  • choose the right decorative elements. Mirrors, wall clocks, vases, figurines and other “gadgets” will help emphasize the chosen style and make the design more entertaining;
  • when organizing the bathroom space, use niches and drawers;
    do not forget about the importance of lighting – use different lighting devices for different rooms and zones;
    dilute colors. A pure white or beige interior can look boring, so it will not be superfluous to complement it with a bright armchair, curtains or decorative pillows;
  • do not clutter the rooms with unnecessary furniture;
  • use large mirrors and mirror surfaces – to visually increase the space.

Armed with all of the above secrets of successful interior design, you can get a good project. However, there is a risk of making a lot of mistakes. After all, only a professional designer can create a competent project, taking into account the tastes, wishes and peculiarities of the client’s lifestyle, think over each use case. Therefore, the  services of an interior designer  are not a luxury, but a necessity. Entrust the decoration of your apartment to a master – and get comfortable, stylish housing, designed especially for you.


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