The Singer Cut and Sew From the Leading Brand
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The Singer Cut and Sew From the Leading Brand – the 2 Best-selling Models

After driving for a considered choice of serger and presentation of cut and sew Toyota and overlock Juki today, we want to tell you about two of Singer’s home models. The Singer 14SH654 overlocker is the basic model of the Singer overlock, but with everything, a user expects from a product proposed by the leading brand in home sewing.

It sews with 1 or 2 needles and 3 or 4 threads, also decorative, to be used to make flatlock seams to embellish the garments you want.Create a rolled hem without the need to buy separately and mount other accessories thanks to the already built-in hem device; just move a tab, and you’re done!

The Singer Cut and Sew From the Leading Brand

The Singer Cut and Sew From the Leading Brand

The knife is detachable and adjustable to allow you to customize the width of the seam performed, a very useful feature on some types of fabric always to have a well-balanced stitch.

Of course, the possibility of adjusting the length of the stitch is not lacking, and also the differential feed is standard on the Singer cut and sews to be able to sew perfectly any material from the very thin silk that tends to curl to the more elastic jersey that instead tends to form those undulations—ugly to see.

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The LED light can always have a well-lit work surface, and even on the heaviest fabrics, the electronic rheostat provided you with all the necessary power. Another essential feature, especially for beginners, is the free arm that effortlessly finishes even the narrowest tubular parts.

The built-in handle makes it easy to store the machine, as well as the suction cup feet allow this Singer overlock to remain perfectly anchored to the work surface without vibrations.

The superior model, the Singer overlocker 14SH754 offers you in addition to what has already been listed: beginner-proof threading with steps marked with different colors for each thread, fabric transport differential for seams without defects and ripples, while simply turning a knob, you can create nice ruffles on sleeves, bodices, hems of skirts.

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It is possible to adjust the width of the cut from 3 to 6.7 mm using the appropriate command to avoid slow threads and obtain results that are always up to expectations.

With control on the right side of the machine, the stitch length can be adjusted from 1 to 4 mm, and the foot has a double lift which allows the thickest materials to be inserted easily.

The presser foot pressure is also adjustable and combined with the differential feed ensures optimal results on any fabric. The free arm facilitates the sewing of tubular parts difficult to reach, such as cuffs, armholes, and trousers.

Unlike many models, this Singer serger releases the tension of the threads when the presser foot is raised, thus allowing the threads to be stretched at the end of the seam.

Of course, you only need a finger to make rolled hems! Just set the toggle to the R position, and the 14SH754 is ready to make stylist-worthy rolled hems.

This Singer Overlock Makes the Following Seams

4 Safety threads – preferred seam when sewing knitted fabrics, as the stitch extends like the fabric. This allows for precise and professional finishes that do not yield when the fabric is stretched.

3 Overlock threads – the most used when only finishing is needed, and decorative results can be obtained with special yarns.

3 Thread Hem – Rolled hems can be created to add an attractive finish to table linens, scarves, and more. 3 Thread Flat – Use the satin stitch for a decorative touch on any project. Specialty decorative yarns can be used to add texture and achieve spectacular embellishment effects. 2 threads – allows you to sew with 2 threads to create professional finishes on lighter fabrics and knits, and it is possible depending on whether you use the right or left needle to have a 3.5 or 5.7 mm hem.

2-Thread hem – even the 2-thread rolled hem allows you to have a perfect hem on the most delicate garments where the 3-thread hem is too heavy.

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