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What to give a man or women for 50 years?

Not sure what to give a man who has everything for 50 years? The Anguscaravelli portal will help a man choose the most optimal gift from the TOP gift for his 50th birthday in any case, regardless of who he is and what he has achieved.

The head of a large business who, for complete happiness, lacks only an oriental horse or a plumber from the local housing office. Who dreams that an accident does not occur on his site on his birthday. He was a keen fisherman who was barely called from fishing on his birthday or an inveterate homebody talking to TV about politics. You can send him or her some good 50th bitrthday quotes or wishes to wish. There are some best collection on

What to give a man for 50 years?

“” is convinced that the hero of the day has taken place by this age, has strong judgments on all issues, he is unsuccessfully struggling with his bad habits, he is respected by years-proven friends and loved by relatives.

If you are at a loss and do not know what to give a man for his 50th birthday, then “AngusCaravelli” can give very good advice. Give a 50-year-old man:

1. 3D TV

3D TV with special glasses – even if he already has such a TV, do not worry, there are not many TVs at this age.

2. Gypsy

Gypsy – a group of artists who will congratulate the hero of the day with songs and Gypsy dances.

3. Humidor

A humidor with a set of good cigars – a great gift for a real gourmet.

4. Echo sounder, spinning rod, reels, a rubber boat

An echo sounder, spinning rod, reels, a rubber boat – it is clear for whom and believes me, he will be sincerely happy with everything.

5. Diploma

A diploma from the management with an order for a decent bonus and, in general, the more money, the better – the gift is banal and expected, but will still be accepted by the hero of the day.

6. Lawnmower

A lawnmower and everything from the opera about gardening, only if he has his own country house, only “Anguscaravelli” asks you to recommend to the hero of the day not to test the lawnmower in the restaurant hall.

7. Hat

A hat with earflaps made of a wolf or raccoon, if the birthday is in winter – let him try it on for the amusement of the guests.

8. Beer bouquet

A beer bouquet with designer beer mugs – a gift for a man for 50 years, which will always make a splash.” has not yet touched on ideas related to hunting, a car, a useful tool, a sauna, a barbecue, collecting, traveling. There are countless gift ideas on the portal.


The main thing is to understand that the leitmotif of the whole celebration should be the thesis that a man of fifty is like a cognac – every year, it gets stronger and dearer, and he has a real-life ahead of him.

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