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Which Snow Thrower is Best

Winter is here soon – and if there is a lot of snow, a snow thrower can be a good idea! Here we present three snow throwers who have won tests and received good reviews.


The test-winning waste lung from AL-KO gives you a lot of value for money! The working width of 62 centimeters makes it ideal for shoveling medium-sized surfaces, and the patterned rubber wheels always provide a secure grip in the snow. The maximum intake height is 51 centimeters. Five gears at the front and two at the rear mean that the speed is adjusted exactly depending on the surface. All controls are easy to read and access, thanks to the practical control panel with built-in headlights.

The powerful engine of 4, 40 kW provides high efficiency and low fuel consumption. The sling can send the snow up to 15 meters, and the draft is rotatable at 190 degrees. The wheel drive means that the sling always moves in the direction you want.

Toro Power Max Heavy Duty 928 OAE

The popular sling from Toro has not disappointed many consumers. The working width of 71 centimeters is quite large, and the sling sends the snow away just over 19 meters. The sling has an intake height of as much as 55 centimeters and can handle more than 15 centimeters of snow at a time. What makes this type of snow thrower extra efficient is that the snow’s discharge takes place in two steps – first, the snow is atomized and then thrown out by a strong fan.

The double straightener makes the throw width even greater, and it is also possible to change the throw direction. The sling is designed to work even in the toughest weather conditions, which means that it can easily throw away even wet snow. It has drive on the wheels and is equipped with gears both front and rear. Toro Power Max 928 is completely made of steel, which makes it very durable and durable.

AL-KO Snowline 46E

Avoid shoveling sidewalks and driveways by hand with the budget lung from AL-KO. It has received very many positive reviews from satisfied customers at Prisjakt, Pricerunner, and Bauhaus, to name a few. It is very handy thanks to the folding handle and weighs only 15 kilos. For maximum ergonomics, it is possible to adjust the handle so that it fits each driver well. The snow is thrown at most six meters away.

This waste hose is environmentally friendly with its 230V motor with 2000W power. The low noise level of only 86 decibels means that snow removal with a clear conscience can be carried out in the early mornings and late evenings without disturbing the neighbors. The machine has a working width of 46 centimeters and can take up to 20 centimeters high snow.

Buying guide:

Waking up to half a meter of snow can, of course, feel like waking up in a fairytale world – provided that the hero in your fairy tale does not have to go to work, of course. Starting the day by shoveling a car or a garage driveway leads to nothing but sweat and tears and probably a lot of unnecessary stress. But with a snow thrower ready for service, it will be much easier!

There are mainly two different types of snow throwers: those who work in one step and those who work in two. A single-stage sling sucks in and blows out the snow in the exact moment and works best on thinner, freshly fallen snow. A two-stage sling works in two steps: first, the snow is sucked in and chopped to pieces, then blown out. Because it breaks the snow, it can handle more and more compact snow than a single-stage sling.

Different types of snow throwers

Snow throwers are available in several different price ranges – everything from a few thousand kronor to over 100,000 kronor. In general, a more expensive snow thrower has more functions and higher comfort, but that does not mean that it is better at throwing snow!


As with most things, it is your needs that should guide what you buy! The single-stage hoses are often electric (and powered either by a rechargeable battery or with a mains connection) and not as powerful as the petrol-powered ones. They are often a little smaller and more convenient, quite cheaper, and better for the environment. For those of you with a smaller shoveling area, a one-step sling will go a long way!

Two-stage sling

A gasoline-powered two-stage sling is more powerful and can handle larger amounts of snow than a single-stage sling. The slings are usually fuel-efficient, so they are not some giant environmental culprits. It also helps to propel oneself forward; the single-stage sling requires a little more power on your part. The two-stage sling is the most common model and is suitable for you who have large areas to shovel best.

make demands

There are a couple of requirements you should make on your snow thrower: it should be equipped with a safety handle that ensures that the machine stops if you let go, the draft should be rotatable so that you can decide where the thrown snow should land, and it should be easy (or at least anything but impossible) to obtain spare parts.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, there are many variations on well-functioning snow throwers. They can be provided with wheels or caterpillar feet, where the latter is more expensive but is by far best on surfaces that are not flat. If the sling has wheels, it can be fitted with snow chains that come in handy if it is very slippery. Some models are equipped with lights, which is very helpful if there is limited lighting in your yard. All these features are good, but is there something you need?

Features for your comfort

The driver’s comfort is becoming more and more important for the manufacturers, and it is precisely when it comes to comfort that most developments occur. Propulsion, the electric start of petrol-powered slings, control knobs, electric control of the draft, heated handles, and other things that make the machines even more comfortable and easy to handle is already on more expensive machines. Still, they also go down into the cheaper layers, slowly but for sure.

Can be on duty for 30 years

A snow thrower is a long-term investment: snow throwers usually have a lifespan of 15-30 years! So think about what you need, not only today but also in the years to come. Do you know that next year you will move and will have a larger or smaller farm? Maybe there is a reason to include it in the thoughts about which snow thrower you should choose.

To avoid repairs, you must look after your snow thrower. Always clean the sling after use so that snow residues do not freeze and destroy it. Also, be careful about where you drive so that you do not run into anything that could have been avoided.

Think about safety!

For your safety, be sure always to wear hearing protection when using your snow thrower! For the safety of others, you need to pay attention to where the snow is thrown. Rocks and debris can be sucked up in the sling, so make sure nothing – and no one! – maybe damaged. A safe snow thrower should be provided with a broken bolt in the feed that should come off if you drive on a large rock or something else that could damage the machine or your surroundings. Since the broken bolt is made to break, it should be easy to replace!

Streamline snow removal; save time – and your back

Snow removal is, of course, fantastic exercise, but not everyone has time for that kind of speed on a weekday morning when you are already late. Backshots that occur during snow removal are not very uncommon – when it is cold and stressed, the body has a more challenging time coping with that demanding work. Therefore, it is easy for us to injure ourselves. With a snow thrower, there is no risk of back shots!


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