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How do you wish for a 40 year anniversary

How do you wish for a 40 year anniversary: 40 struck today – the date, right, wherever,
Let your path illuminate; happiness is a bright star,
Let the problems not disturb, only let the peace
be in your dreams; let’s add a pood of health here and a swarm of friends.

40 year anniversary

How do you wish for a 40 year anniversary

40 years is a wonderful anniversary:
Time for dear guests to meet guests
And in the circle of friends, family
For the past year, sum up the results!

We wish to make plans for you.
So that they do not burst at the seams,
So that there is no limit to success –
Just be happy!

Many many warmth wishes on your 40th anniversary, and wish you thousands of wonderful minutes, millions of happy hours, and an immense number of successful days and deeds! May you have incredible health, sky-high income, great business connections, and reliable friends!

You look magical in your forties, You
attract the eyes of all men.
And your portrait without reservation is
worthy of many pictures!

40 years already to you –
A new start in your destiny!
A new race of life
May it bring you success.

Let happiness run ahead,
Behind, leave the bad weather,
And fly on your wings
To the finish line of your dreams.

You are 40 years old; at this age, a person is just beginning to live! Be a happy person: smile from sun bunnies, enjoy good days, take care of your health – you will not find it along the way. And be sure to have the affection and family warmth of your relatives with you.

40 – and not a lot, and not a little,
And the taste of happiness has long been clear.
No matter how life bends, does not break,
Let your pulse always be equal.

40 years is the age of luck,
Pour your glasses more fully!
There is no more important and more enjoyable task
than to celebrate such an anniversary!

Twice and three times 40 more –
Drink a full cup of life.
Four hundred years – without reservations –
Have fun, make friends, and love!

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! May wonderful music always sound in your heart, the dance of life will whirl you in a wonderful rhythm, the bright colors of every day never cease to delight you! I wish you to master real art, be happy!

40 years is a time of maturity,
Time to test the ripeness of your
Soul, heart, mind
And the memory that is associated with them.
Look at the little things from above
And withstand the main test!

40 years – I can’t believe it at all!
Anniversary, has it really come?
It seems that you have just begun to grow up,
And yesterday, you were just gaining strength

Well, the years are running ahead stubbornly,
With them in parallel – we are growing!
Congratulations, be the happiest,
Let your house be your full cup!

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